what are carbon emissions

Nowadays you hear phrases like global warming, greenhouse gases and climate change being thrown around by scientists, environmentalists and politicians.  These phrases are abstract sounding, can be difficult to fully grasp, and can be easy to ignore. But climate change is a real problem, even if the average person doesn’t totally understand what it means. […]

fishing for food

The grocery store contains every ingredient I could possibly want to create any culinary masterpiece I can dream of.  All I have to do is hop in my car, drive a few blocks and pick out what I need from inviting aisles that freeze, cool, heat, keep dry, or moisturize their well-stocked shelves. There’s even […]

troubled oceans

Scientists warn that oceans’ marine life on ‘brink of extinction’ Our oceans made the news recently.  Environmental news doesn’t win the popularity contest for most-reported topic in the media world.  This article was buried beneath Vancouver riot updates and other sensational human-interest pieces.  After all, reading about human-caused environmental catastrophes does not peak the interest […]