sustainable building in South Korea

In an attempt to lower carbon emissions, South Korea has completed construction on an $8 million dollar eco-friendly building. According to news sources, (they all say the exact same thing) South Korea calls it the ultimate eco-friendly business centre, emitting zero carbon and using only renewable resources. They say the building uses 66 kinds of […]

starting a patio veggie garden

A few weekends ago Tyson and I went to the local nursery and spent a couple of hours admiring their latest selection of vegetables.  Our original plan to venture on a fact-finding mission quickly turned into locating a shopping cart and loading it with the nicest specimens of soon-to-be food-bearing plants we could find. Hey, […]

a personal challenge

This summer I’m giving myself a challenge.  I’m not going to buy anything new.  Except for food and personal necessities, of course. A couple of months ago my trusty little toaster oven let off a puff of black smoke and died.  It was half way through cooking a chicken burger.  I loved my toaster oven […]

about me – my first post!

My name is Caroline Mitic, and I am interested in the environment. I am not David Suzuki, Al Gore or Fabien Cousteau, I am a commoner like you who believes that change starts in your heart and your own personal habits.  I have no education in environmental studies or even biology, but I want to […]